I am currently selling near 2k cooked lobs for 200gp each! I am also willing to trade all cooked lobs for your raw lobs! Don’t hassle with burning with lob after lob.

trying to steal my business away from me eh sport?

What it looks like :wink:

i’ll trade raw for cooked add me i had about 4k raw and turned out around 2-3k cooked :evil: :cry: :frowning:

I’ll glady trade with you, I got 2k and rising fast so get as many as you want.

ok i’ll get as fast as i can… lol just curious whats ur fishing lvl

EDIT- oops lol its in ur sig… hey mines 64 too =]

EDIT2- and my fishing is lvl 61 lol odd 8O :roll:

Er once i get my fishing high enough i will trade raw lobbies for cooked lobbies 8) :wink: :?

sportsfreak how the heck did u do that thing about the stats.
answer :?:

He’s probably using cooking gloves.

nooooooooooo i need raw lobs…i need about 8k lobs for 80 cooking 8O lol