is it true that once u get certain cook lvl u cant burn lobs if so thats cool and wut lvl is that?

I would guess once you’ve have gotten to the level that doubles the level of cooking lobbies but I don’t know if that was changed in RS2… BTW, what I mean is if the level that you can start cooking lobbies is 40 then 80 is when you’ll stop burning… BTW, please correct me on this if I’m wrong…

idono if u were wrong or not thats y ii was askin

well, tuna is like lev 30 cookin, adn i am lev 62 i think cookin, and i dont burn them, mabe gemm is right

I am lvl 63 cooking with fish gauntlets and I never burn lobs anymore. I will trade my cooked lobs for your raw ones :wink:

lol sportfreak do u trade like that so u can get cook exp?

Pretty much and I don’t sacrifice any lobs sinc I don’t burn. You interested?

well i would but im minin coal right now but i might contact u sometime will u still be doin?

I’ll be doin all the time, whenever your ready.

ok wuts ur name in game mines same

Im at 74cooking and I burn maybe 1 lob every 200lobs.

I’m guessing that the “2x original cooking level of a certain raw item = No more burning of that raw item” formula still holds true then… BTW, I’m only level 58 cooking but I burn like more than half my swordies… Either I just suck at cooking or I’m really bad luck :P…

hey sportfreak ull trde n bulk like 2k right?

yep that is true but i dont remember which level