Logs 'R' Us GRAND OPENING!@!@!@!@!@!

I’m starting a new log store, i only sell maples and yews.
The sale prices are as follows (Prices can be negotiated):
Maples-100 ea.
Yews -240 ea.

I do NOT buy any logs, and I do NOT sell any other kinds.
Yews -Minimum amount you can buy is 100, maximum is 500.
Maples-Minimum amount you can buy is 150, maximum is 1,000.

Logs in stock:
Yews -75

Post your orders here or Private Message me in RuneScape, my RuneScape name is froto28.

I only take one order at a time so if the person before you has a large order please be patient while you wait for your order.

Thank You for your buisness. :slight_smile:

Logs in stock:
Yews -75
u dont even have enough logs in stock for minimum amount

I’ll take 300yews please!



edit: and killa doesn’t even have high enough wc for willows!

(Thank you captian obvious)

let me know if you can fill the order so i dont have this 72k all tied up.