lol a funny pic.

One ring to rule them all!!! but wait… OH NO!!! EVIL HAS TAKEN HOLD OF THE RING!!!

sickmate 8)

Lmao, that’s awesome!

hissss “My precious!”

Lmao nice, lets just put it this way… I strongly dis=like bush, hes just an idiot. He didnt deserve to be president, neither did karry, both of the presidents didnt deserve it. But the end of the world is coming slightly sooner than expected now that Bush got re-elected…

Lmao, I was gonna say that but you beat me to it.

Thats pretty funny, Bush wearing that ring out of them all! He feels special with it on!

OLD yawn

its old? ive never seen it b4.

That’s funny. I don’t really like Bush anyway.

Not bad :slight_smile:

dont be hateing on bush!!! im as smart as him! :slight_smile:

lol, funny picture… that made my day :slight_smile:
GunGraver- lol… “im as smart as him”… lmao

haha ty =)

Oh know america is doomed, meh at least im safe then :smiley:

LOL if so then you’re… Well… Ah I don’t got to say it! Lmao that picture is hilarious!! Why Bush, WHY!!! 0=)


he is a power hungry person…lol
sickmate 8)

lol! thats really kool. i dont like bush either.

lol wicked pic

lmao lord of the rings,ring awesome!!

lol, evil has taken over

~ :crazy: spartan

lol nice pic