Lol.. Do i like look a disco person?

Someone said i did =S

sorta, just need to change to purple/pink clothes

:laughing: Yea you do.

You posted in the wrong section I think, though.

No, you don’t look like a disco king.

lol if youve seen titanheart2’s siggy then you kno that he looks like a disco king.

The key to being a disco king: pink hair.

Yea pink clothes.

Grab a headband

Hmm… im goin to faly anyway… gets pink hair

They didn’t have pink hair…get black hair and there are 2 kinds of short cuts like what most of the lvl 2 men NPC’s have, except one looks like Elvis Presley, get it!


~:crazy: spartan

you look like a tramp who cant afford a REAL necklace :slight_smile: