Lol funny and great idea

I heard about this about half a month ago, and i finnally found the site, theres a bio talking about wat they did but ill sum it up for something small

A group of ppl in Toronto Canada that also made the “Smash my Ipod” thing made a website about them getting as many ppl as they can to collect 430$ in donations. once they get that amount they would stand in line and and be the first to get a 360, than infront of a load of fan boys, smash it…

heres the site for more

Odd…Yet funny, imagine the looks on their faces when they see their potentialy 360 smashed :tongue:

they also have “smashmyps3” and “smashmygamecube2” (dont now wat the new game cube is called)

Nintendo Revolution. It sucks though.

Hilarious! :slight_smile:

I can’t download the movie :(…

why does Nintendo Revolutions suck?!