lol, funny..........

i thought this was funny

and look who i found…

P.S. if any1 can tell em how to cut the image down, hatll be cool

whys that funny?

i just thought that name was funny, lvl 60 noob

a har har har!!! -.- not that funny tho dude-.-

not that funny

lol thats funny ive seen more names like that

i dont see the humor in it at all. its just stupid.

i can cut it down for you you want the pieces that are surrounded in black right?

Ah, Joeluck isn’t that funny.

A lvl 60 noob at lvl 85 how nooby.


lol hilarous names

Hey guys, Theres no need to have a go at him, Some people will find different things funny.

huh??? what??? I’m confused flopster.

wow 4 once i actually AGREE with a mod :eek:
ya i mean lvl 60 noob was a little funny it just depends on what you think is funny

hes saying he finds it funny but some people dont :slight_smile:


I can see the humor in it, but I don’t find it that funny.

Although, as I said, I can see how yo8u would find it funny. But I’m not as mean as the others :P.

yea guys, stop bein asses to him.

why do you all have to be so negative!?!?

its not lmfao funny but its lol funny, cause a lvl 60 noob thats lvl 80+ is sorta kool

Zomg liek, rofl! Joeluck!! Thats hilarious.
I get it, really. Not too funny, yet, still a little bit funny.