Lol Look This!

I was at menhole and drunken dwarf attacked my friend he was away or macro-ing :smiley:
he died i’m standing on him! i got pic too.

its cool cos im in it :smiley:

Rofl. I’m in there :smiley: (barney)

Cool, nice luck there. Some people are simply lucky…

lol hahaha

i was in the chat but didnt want to interrupt ebonys…err…show…

btw where are you from? since that language in ur private chat seems to be estonia if im not too wrong

Oo true im eesti :smiley:
you are suomi i think !!!



lol man what he drop anythign good

yup, thats right :slight_smile:

bahahahaha!!! thats pretty funny!

nice … did u take his stuff

eh, thats kool :slight_smile:

hhaahahha nice

lol what did he drop?!?!

rolf cool did you take his stuff or did u give it back to him?

haha, friend died. you give back all the good stuff, right? =d

lol he was 3 itemer, and he was macroing because he didn’t talk if he died
he was online over 10 hour!!
I got only food

lucky duck :stuck_out_tongue: