lol owned at giants.

scimmy and ammy were from him

Hah… Nice kill, nothing better than a nice beer after a slaughter eh? =).

haha you got it, (= hey anytime your free pm me in game maybe we can own some noobs together im xdark nite


… Except now, I’m out of food =)

awsome (=…

B33r r0x j4h s0x$!

bad quality but nice pk.

If you click on the pic after you open the tab thingy it gets clearer.

sorry about the quality guys

nice one do you do p2p pking if so pm me nittejamv1.0

A nice pk there.

Notices teles


lol good 1 i wud of thought he wud tele

niice dude kinda hard to se tho