lol @ the d med from barrows

pish posh i own kthxbi

1st run my m8 is right this world owns haha

can you get d med frm barrows?

lol…yes y would i make a fake just to syai got from barrows loolol

^^ Oooo gratz, didn’t know you could get d meds from barrows, learn something new every day :slight_smile:

see it’s not just me lol :slight_smile:
well done anyway

i think he means that he looted those…

yer i nkow :smiley:

here lookie at me =D

and no i dident loot it was from chest

((a skirt…-.-)) anyway, i see you had gotten lucky…not as lucky as i had been at first but that’s how i am…good job.

cant you also get whips from barrows? or was that just a rumor?

wow congratz :smiley: LUCKY

wow that owns man!!! congrats!!!

mabey…never herd of it myself

i highly dobut it but…

I don’t think you can get whips…

Congratz on the med noob :slight_smile:

oh noes… jeff sigged my babbies talk 0.0! ownt plxsh!

he he, whips would own :slight_smile:

nice meds…

i wish i had one, so then i could get money :wink: