Lol the Falador knights are giving up before thier DEATH!

lol I just walked into there Castle and noticed that the knight was just on his knees while me and another Runescape player attacked him.

did you kill the knight?
or did the other ranger?

is that a glitch, or did u just take a pic of a knight dying and add the health bar?

He did but I helped him kill the knight.

nice ive done that before with one of my buds

i think the other ranger killed him cus the way he facing and he was killing a knight on top so it look like that. ya im good 8)

He got the knight’s stuff but I got more Ranging expierance.

…or maybe there are two knights and someone killed the one on top while you kill the one behind it.

I’ve seen that happen before, it’s when the npc heals at the same moment that you kill it. So it dies, but gains the extra life at that last second. After that it will heal at the same rate, like all characters do…

to: MutationCM- Yes, I’m gonna say this is a glitch.
This was not edited ethier

haha…knight bowing to the people…now that would be awsome eya… :twisted: :twisted:

I can’t see it. It says your account has been suspended. (maybe you forgot to give the host credit)

Hmmm I’m gonna see why me account is suspended when I didn’t do anything wrong.

The is only one knight not to, I right clicked it and it said there was only one knight and he was bowing to ous :stuck_out_tongue: we didn’t spare his life hehe.

Me and the other archer started laughing at it on the message box but i blocked it out so know one could stalk him or anyone else in that room who talked.