League of Legends that is.
Any of you people play?

It’s like DoTA ^^

Just started playing today and I like it.
Ingame name is Cursed Envy :cool:

I used to play but I didn’t want to pay for it :frowning:

You can play without paying =o

I know, but it seems like the people that paid would always pick the beastly guys that owned the free ones for that week. I might try replaying it, though, it’s fun c:
I want Dota 2

You can unlock some with IP points that you earn.
And yeah, haven’t done pvp yet, been doing humans vs ai. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well computer is boring! The whole point of that game is pvp D: .

Practice, practice, practice.
Till I master tactics with certain champions. And know my adversaries abilities.

Ha, after my last game of practising against the AI, which went very well, I deemed myself ready.

This was the result of my first pvp game.
Started out great, was holding of 2 guys all alone with that cheap archer.
But then that super guy on other team starting owning so much and when I tried to help out, I got whiped a bit. Ended his streaks twice though, was only one able to.
Reached 18 when my whole team was under 12 still hehe.
In the end, enemy had 2 leavers, so all that was left was one push. :slight_smile:

Name’s Cursed Envy if you hadn’t guessed.

I’ll reinstall it and add you… I forget my login lol

Great to hear :smiley:

Pretty cool game, passing the time until Diablo 3

Don’t click his signature. I feel at th is point I shouldn’t have to say things like this, but just being careful.

Thanks, Robotgangsta took care of it.

I feel the need to vent my stress that Pulsefire Ezreal is STILL NOT OUT! Seriously, I have been waiting since November for this dang skin to come out.

I’ve been playing LoL for a month or two now and its awesome!
If anyone wants to add me, name is Berdugo.

Go play HoN instead and you got yourself a deal. =)

I wouldn’t play LoL if someone payed me to. Too darn easy, boringly easy.

Ezreal has no good skins right now :frowning:

Seriously. They are all just crappy recolors. I bought like 3000 RP a few months ago thinking Pulsefire would be released soon. I could not have been more wrong.

Well I wasn’t very good at DOTA-like games, so when I tried HoN a few months ago I got raped on a supposed ‘beginners game’.
There were so many items I had no clue what to get.
Maybe I just got unlucky with a bad team idk.
But if I were to play again I would be a lot better from playing LoL, but I’ve already played LoL a lot and like it.
I might download it again and see what happens.

I suppose you play on American servers Cibola?

Anyway, I tried HoN and couldn’t even get in a game so gave up on that.
Recently tried DOTA 2, but I got literally raped by the bots. Jeez those are skilled.
And so much items. Fights rarely last long.

That’s why I prefer LoL, you might claim it to be easy knotalive, but that’s probably because you never gotten high. Ever watched some competitive streams? At least team fights are the real deal there.
DOTA 2 streams were just, meh.

But all comes to down to preference I guess. Yet I call bs on it being boringly easy.