in my sig it looks like my guys smileing and the goblins frowning :smiley: lol

That’s because he knows his life is about to be cut short with one blow of dao124’s battleaxe.

lol yes exactly lol it took me like 20 trys to get that pic rigt lol


Poor goblin…OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!! :x

lol, it doesent look like the warrior is smiling, but i see the frown.

all goblins frown if you look close enough

true, well the goblins cornels do, not sure about the rest lol.

its not his face smiling its his eyes they like anime eyes just upside down U’s lol but yea i think the goblin looks defensless lol actually the goblin is defensless but lets kill it and sells its blood for pocket change… lol

EDIT- this is how your properly slice a goblin with slice- reap combo lol

it looks a lil bad to me… i just did it in like 10 seconds tell me what u think… i think the cut should be thinner and more slanted to go with the movement of the scythe

yeah what erinol said… Instead of dao124 smiling its more like the anime eyes… Like: ^^… But lol yeah I love the resemblence of what you said… It also kinda seems like the goblins trying to run away… But I like the pic…

i dont see nothing funny y u put lol