Long term goal met XD

Took me forever :slight_smile:

Congrats Bryan, hope you can get your further goals.

Woot first poster.

117\99 str o.o 117’s ur new number =p

Very nice, highest hits list. Your wanted as a criminal for such offences such as:

-Being a Ch00b

Hehe, grats.

lol why does it say theres a next lvl?


congratz bryan!

Congratz on 99 str, nice stats too

maybe 1 day rs will furthur advance skills (lvls) *i wish

congrats on 99 str now get 99 att and def

very nice i need that on my pure!

hawt stuff :slight_smile:

nice, wuts your comabt lvl, some werre around 124 i bet

I wish :)…

Awesome work :stuck_out_tongue:
You gonna go for 126 Cmb?
sickmate 8)

jk…grats bry, only 18 more levels before i get it…wewt!!

Awesome, congrats!

Congratz, my total still ownz yours though…I even got a 99 stat before you :eek:

12 levels then im pur3 ownage for str :slight_smile:

gratz n33b!!! :smiley:


Congratulations! Nice levels!

Get your Hitpoints to 99 just 3 more levels.
Congratulations! Nice levels!