...........long time..........

holy crap is it dead here! it’s kind of sad actually :’( Well after not playing runescape for like 6 years I decided to come visit what used to be the best rs forums…I wonder if anyone actually remembers Mr.Nube15, well if anyone is even out there hah :stuck_out_tongue:

wow this site was down for so long, randomly checked o.o
hey man, I remember you! You were blink’s friend way back, right? Nice to see a familiar face :smiley:

Same here, I don’t remember you actually, well neither of you but this was my first ever Forums! Joined a long time ago and was the best place around :slight_smile: Back when Keyser (I think that was his name the bloke with the tiger as his DP, first one to hit 10k posts) started his own fansite. The owner of the place (can’t remember the name) came out and told all about how this site started, there was some Lemon bloke which was top GFXer haha.

Good days :slight_smile:

This thread brings back a lot of memories from old staff:

And it was JolioJolio, not Lemon :slight_smile:

Seems like logging onto RSR is like walking through a ghost town

oh wow… for a while this site was completely down… glad to see it up and running

It’s quite a shame.

yeah man! lol I remember dontblink2, iced earth, ogothefat, and a few others. I logged on runescape the other day and its crazy how much its changed since 2006-2007 when I quit. good times with rs and this forum though :slight_smile:

…this is just random but I have like 4 times as many views as that thread below me. WIN. lol jk. I remember I used to think I was all cool on this site because I had a couple 99 stats lmao…I was such a loserrr! …and I just double posted…ooops I don’t think it matters too much anymore though

Since I might be the remaining Mod here. I’m gonna have to ask you to watch the double posts :wink:

I thought the site got shut down so haven’t been here since.

Long story short for the past 4-5 months since we have last talked. I got hacked for all my goodies. Around 680m~ worth before the bot nuke. At least 900+M it would of been now.

Oh well, Shappens. I’ll slowly make back the millions. If anyone needs any help in game, please please please don’t hesitate to ask. I love giving advice and I think I’m kinda good at it.

haha please don’t close my thread :smiley: getting hacked sucks man. hopefully you can make your money back!

I used to browse this site everyday, as it was the first RS fansite I saw since it was the #4 result on Google for Runescape lol, I remember seeing your name from a long time ago. Activity really died out here after 2007, haven’t even visited this place myself for quite a while…tried looking for it a few months back and the site was down or something. It’s a shame really, I’ve always associated this site with a period of time when I really enjoyed RS. Personally haven’t been playing RS for anything outside of clan warring now.

No worries, I’m not that strict. Side note, I’m a lady. I should be able to make all the money back just takes time and effort. Something most people can’t seem to do these days.

oh sorry! I am a jerk :stuck_out_tongue: and yes it does take a lot of time and effort…that’s why I had to stop playing lol

I remember selling Zammy Wines to Keyser a long time back…

Haha. I thought this site was gone but was reminded of it today.

^ One of the posts I made a long time ago, I dug this up from my hard drive. I was after I was members for the first two months.

:open_mouth: I think I still have some really old pictures lol. I will find them and post some tomorrow :smiley:


Yea a lot of old people are coming back… I remember Keyser520, dontblink_2, and bishie… Speaking of which Bishie is back online and is looking for people interested in helping him out. xD Well by doing “Jobs” for him, not like handouts.

I bet not a lot of people remember me xD

Wow. Forums are back up. :).