look and rate my siggy!!!

here it is
(down there)

A) you want us to rate ur stats, or
B) you try to say that you have done that urself,

and thats not made by u i know it, its rsbbs i think. well i rate it 9/10.

BTW wrong section

o… well i was startin to think about b) and yes i want u to rate my stats (not the sig itself)

It’s not a sig, it’s you stats

how did u get 1??? i want 1 also!!!

…ummm 0/10 thats Rsbandb.coms

so u get that from rsbandb.coms??

yea…RSbandb.com not .coms

na 0/10 it isant a sig

I think he meant rate his stats…

yes!!! i ment stats!!! not sig people!

look!!! i said the stats!!! not the sig!

(sorry about the double post!)

cool goob job