look at my first cig i think i outdid myself

well its a classical piece of art i mean of course it was not my best work. :fluffy:

travis you spelled sig wrong…lol cig…what a moron.

even though you only have ms paint…thats a pretty crappy job…

omfg its a joke you twit…but props for liking fable

i find it funny how you can not see that this is a joke

of course i see its a joke. but its not funny enough to be a joke. its retarded.

ROFL! That’s so funnY!

so am i insane for bursting out laughing for what was it travis 5 mins?

That’s stupid to the point of where they give it as the bronze medal to the winner of Goldfish-eating competition in the Special Olympics.

…it’s not a sig it’s just a picture.

that sucks dude you spelt cig wrong how long did that take 3mins?

thx for being cool to me

its sig not cig lol!

lol i know but i still luv it.

why the **** is there blood coming out his mouth is my main question

3min more like 2!

wat are you talking bout this is the dam sig you ever did see!!! :smiley:

dont double post. also that picture is so horrible and its not even funny. are you like 5 or something?

He double posts and then yesterday, out of his own mouth, came this.

that was easy i beat the entire thing.

nicko265 im trying to be a mod but dont double post. “soz” doesnt cut it! just dont do it.

rofl thats hilarious