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How Da Hell To Build Your Own House On RS2
Buildin Da House.
Ok did you know that you can build your own house on RS2? You really can I have four of them. (If you don’t have at least 10k to spare don’t bother reading this guide) well all you have to do is get some planks some nails and a hammer. Ok to get the planks you can either buy them of other players… or go to level 27 wilderness near the ghost and pick some up. I would recommend the Wildy path (I’ll be waiting for you… not. Lol) and use the hammer with the plank (you can buy hammers from players and mining stores.) It takes 25 planks for a floor (you don’t have to have all the planks at once it will be called an unfinished house.) Now once you have made a floor stand on the floor (no one else can see the house) and use planks with floor (you must have a hammer and nails in your inventory at the time) and select build a wall. It takes 10 planks per wall. Now if you build three walls you can build more floors and make it an uneven house. Now stand in your house and build a door for 5 planks then build a roof for 50 planks. Now you can add staircases for 50 planks and anything from chairs and beds you can sit and sleep on to respawnable items.
Buyin Da House
You must go to Ardougne (sorry to all you free player that were reading this that I didn’t tell ya before… um that means ya have ta be a member) and talk to Sir Buildalot (I have no Idea why he is in the sewers but he’s in there walking around.) Now you can either buy a minor deed an average deed or an advanced deed. A normal deed cost 10k all it does it get your house up and running but with a normal deed other people can attack your house!!! Newt up there’s an average deed that cost 100k, this gets your house up and running but people can only attack you house if you are in it or near it. Then lastly there’s the advanced deed with this deed (costing 250k) no one can attack you house. Yay! One you have at least three houses with an expert deed like me you can buy an Experts Deed (like me.) These cost 1000k. But with these deeds, if someone attacks you house a warning come up that say something like “If thee attacks this house the shall suffer a painful death.” Then you click continue and your guy says “I Better not attack this house then!” But if the person then goes to attack your house again they die and there stuff instantly goes to there bank… all of it even if they don’t have a skull. I got three sets of full rune like this. Have fun.

Add Ons
You can add chairs and beds and lots of stuff to your house to build them get the required items and use a the main item with the floor select what you want to build and build it here is a table on the levels and items you need to build add ons.
Add Crafting Items Needed To Build
Ons Level
Name Needed
Chair 5 2 Planks, 10 Nails, Hammer
Table 5 5 Planks, 10 Nails, Hammer
Bed 10 8 Planks, 15 Nails, Cloth, Hammer
Mat 10 Cloth
Window 15 5 Planks, Molten Glass, 25 Nails, Hammer
Double Bed 20 12 Planks, 2 Cloths, 30 Nails, Hammer
Queen Size Bed 30 15 Planks, 5 Cloths, 50 Nails, Hammer
King Size Bed 45 20 Planks, 10 Cloths, 75 Nails, Hammer
Lordly Bed 50 50 Planks, 50 Cloths, 250 Nails, Hammer
Range 50 3 Steel or Iron Bars
Furnace 75 14 Steel or Iron Bars
Sink 75 15 Steel or Iron Bars
Cannon 85 25 Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamantite or Rune Bars
Auto Firing 99 2500 of any arrow and 20 Mithril Bars
Arrow Shooters*

*I forgot what they’re called they’re not really called Auto Firing Archery Shooters and I couldn’t be bothered the get the arrows to make one.

Respawnable Items
To make a respawnable item you must have a magic level of at least 50 (sorry) to make it use an item (cannot be a quest item or holiday drop) with the floor. You must have 50 of that item in your inventory or bank. So to make a respawnable Mithril Sword use a Mithril Sword with the floor but you will need to have fifty of them on you (as notes of course) or in your bank. And you will lose them all now choose the respawn rate starts at 10 mins but to make it a minute shorter you need to have another 5 of that item in your inventory or in your bank. Now that item will respawn every couple of minutes (according to your choice.) I once done this with 5k (in my first house) it respawned instantly. It took me 750k but I had unlimited money!!! Until my house got destroyed (also take notice that if your house gets destroyed so does the Respawnable item.) Thankyou very much for listening and take in note that was a complete lie! Lol.

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a. spam b. hes done it befor on another account. c. just to waste our time. d. theres no such guy that sells land deeds, and according to him befor it was 10k, there would of been a post about it in updates on homepage, not just him would know about it, theres no poh’s on rs (player owned houses). and read the messages he puts… ye will die a painfull death… i doubt that would ever happen, it would deter people from playing… u got drag legs drag chain drag sheild drag med… you lose 1 because of the houses… would u want to play more?