look at this(please)

hi there u fletchers:
i am buin all arrows up to mithril if u don’t like my prices tell me:


  1. bronze arrows 5-10 per arrow
    2.iron arrows 15-20 per arrow
    3.steel arrows 30-40 per arrow
    4.mithril arrows 40-50 per arrow

I would really like the bronze and iron and steel in large amounts plz, u can only sell me shafts when i am a member which will be in about a week or so.

Fletching materials
5.arrow shafts 5-10 each
6.feathers 4 each
7.oaks 10 eachContact me on here and we will arrange to meet as i can’t get on runescape at the moment because my pc’s colour is all faulty and the pc keeps crashing. gandalf 2019
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