Look! I found a Cat! *Picks up Cat*

this is really stupid, please rate out of ten

i may amaze you…10/10.The way you shaded in the background of the cat is good.thats what i do with mine :smiley:


Nice brother.

thanks everyone

I also think your picture is pretty cool. It is also pretty good. I think the cat is pretty well made 8/10. :wink:

lol, i didnt make the cat lol

wow it looks real almost 8/10

lol its not the best idea in the world but a good picture

If you made that in paint then you got some real skill. Even if you didnt you got good timing and everything.

if your talkin to me thx
but i accentdently posted a pic here
if u want to see it away here: http://up1.fastuploads.info/die.bmp
man im having a bad day

its ok, and 7/10

yes, this picture, the one with the kalphite queen, my sigs, and the one where the dude was riding a rat were all made in paint

All he did was move oblects and things lol. Did It well though. The pictures were easy to make but good quality :slight_smile:

you think that picture i made with the rat was easy? you try making one

lol funny 6/10

i like it its not all that bad i give it a 7/10

its ok 7/10

was that made using the emote blow kiss?

yes, it was lol