Edit:44 Farming

Rate Please

niice man ur really cool looking and ur stats are grrrrrreat-Thanks tony the tiger =)

Those are some wicked stats there ;). Your look, needs more like you said. But that’s only because of your new chain :D. I am 1 farming, I feel it’s a waste of money and time. I’ll rate you, 9-10.

I don’t usually train farming, I do Tears of Guthix mini game. It gives XP to your lowest stat.
Yeah I’m working for dragon legs right now…

9.9\10 :slight_smile:
u own!!!

How close am I to a 10? lol

very niice dude9-10 why dont you have full dragg?

Reason for not having full dragon-I’m a poor noob who can’t afford it :eek: lol I’m fletching+fishing to get the money for it.

8/10 (Thats a good rating in my books :slight_smile: )

Nice stats! I love the chain too =). 9/10.

wow great look specially drag chain =) and nice stats… but i dont see how you make money …

EDIT: Now i see fishing, flecthing

Nice stats. I’d say work on herblore, agility, thieving, and mining a little. 9/10 and 10/10 for the look. ;).

Thanks for good ratings :slight_smile:
I’m growing herbs right now for herblore. As soon as I get 44 farming I’m using my 51 irit seeds. Growing them and making pots. Should have around 124 irit leafs.

cool stats, and you and sport look alot alike now :slight_smile:

nicee stats good luck on getting full drag 8/10

Nice. 8.5/10

Looks like somebody needs dragon legs.

Who needs d legs? :confused: lol I’m working on it just have to fish, fish and fish some more…

Good luck on completing the look.

i give you 11/10 its really really good =D

Dang Nice Stats Man 9.5/10
Good Luck On Getting Ful Dragon Then Ur Be 10/10