Look to buy a profile pic

it just so happens that i play another rpg game, one that allows you t have a profile. now, here is my friend’s pic, to show you the size, kinda background image is common (hitman, gunner, triggerman) and also the arrangement of text and color etc.


so, with that, experiment. use kinda the same idea, but different pic, text style, name, color, you know. and my name on that game is Deluxe not Under z fire

oh, heres my background image. if ya could, arrange the text so it fits nicely.


need anything else? plz pm me!

I can change the placement of the text i guess

The max size of a profile picture here on GR is 200x200. He won’t be able to use it here.

i think he said that it wasnt for here?

Yeah, maybe, but most sites have 200x200 or 300x300 as max.

i said it was for my profile on another game. but if i recal the dimensions are like 120 by 150 for the ize. otherwise itll shrink it to fit and itll look destorted. but ~Jarii~ has a good idea. i just need some extra text. smaller, maybe another style that looks good. saying “Kick Ass” maybe top right corner? whevr it fits. you guys are the experts, not me. i wont be tellin ya too much to do.

as of right now its…ok, but it does get refitted automatically by the server cause its too big. any chance of making it just as god but smaller is best.

huh, well, i checked and the oblivion pic is the same size as my friend’s. the only difference is his shows up better. oh well. only fiddle with the size if it bothers you. otherwise im good. ty

so you need me or you dont need me to fix anything?

well, hmmm… the guy shows up kinda small. ill give you another oblivion pic for you to make 240 x 300

heres one. i wanna see if itll turn out better than the first one

and heres a bigger version of the first one (if that hlps you work with it)