lookin for a lv 46 clan

I need a lv 46 clan. My rs name is J 2 the d. Here are my stats


PS i can make the clan full armor!!

join the pillars of runescape. we could use someone like you. PM me with your reply.

or black sharks we have all lvls all abilitys and do all osrts of stuff u should come 2 us i’m boss pm me wiv result. we could makeu full armor

I would like to know a few things. What rank would i be and would I make a profit? 8)

Clan HellBringerz Ownz Both Of Those Clans And Is 70+! Clan HB Also Has Top RS Clan Website Out At: www.hellbringerz.tk

~Dragon fear clan, you would be a member of the clan and i dunno what you mean by profit (if you mean money no) check out the dragonfear thread for more information :!: ~

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