Looking For A Clan

Hi im jinzo 91 and im looking for a clan I am

56 com
48 att
44 def
44 str
41 ran
42 mag
32 prayer

but i prefer to cook and fish (but i still charge) please reply to me if i can join your clan! 59 fish 56 cook!

Hi , join 2 skilled , combat lvl 50+ , p2p , highest lvl member is 93 , consisting of , lvl 90’s , lvl 80’s , lvl 70’s , lvl 60’s , lvl 50’s , wen u join to prove urself loyal and trustworthy u must doante a minimum of 1k to the clan , we have dueling trips , pk trips , clan meets , etc :slight_smile: site coming soon…

ok where r u and add me jinzo 91

U are p2p right?

yes i am! Been for 5 months!


Mouthgate - Level 57
Ipswichboi - Level 62


Doowa100 - Level 67
Greg6660 - Level 62
Gamewiz2004 - Level 64
Henry 2003 - Level 93
Truffles666 - Level 71
Lethal N - Level 58
Cowhide Selr - Level 72
Pur3 Knight0 - Level 62

Because he cant be a ldr or have responability , he wont join lmao , childish and pathetic tbh , i sed that he can be a fisher for our clan , and sed its not a responability within the clan , lol childish

no i decided ill make my own clan stop posting offensive stuff


Hey Jinzo,

If you are still looking for a clan you look like you would be perfect for Masters of Dragons – MoD. We are fairly new but we are already growing rapidly with over 100 members. We have been open to the public for about two months now. Our clan combat average is mid 80s but our main requirement is only 70+ combat. We PK 3 times a week along with tons of other regular events. Anyway, I won’t spam your thread with a big description or tons of screenshots, rather I just suggest checking out our thread we have running in this section and our clan site, or you can contact me in RS, my RSN is Burta:


I’d just also like to briefly say that this clan is run and supported by the owner of RS Boards (http://www.rsboards.com/) and Runescape 100 (http://www.runescape100.com) so you can expect this clan to grow quickly and to be a true force in the game. Also if you are after a more active role in a clan that is a little less than leading one (trust me its hard) I recommend joining MoD and taking up a position in our clan - we are always looking for good leaders and potential council members.