looking for a miner with iron or higher

wut the title says. just leave ur rs name, wut u will mine, price per ore(s). or catch me on rs, name is wi96

Iron, 100 each.
RSN–> nortnort

iron-100 each
coal-170 each
copper-9 each
tin- 9 each
gold- 300 each
silver-110 each

wut i dont get is why iron costs so much. anyway… nobber69 cant u lower to 50gp each? or can any1 lower to that?

i will sell you (68) noted coal for 160ea…rsn- i play rs21

i’ll sell iron 100each or 3iron per cooked lob or 2 iron per uncooked lob ur choice.
pm me if u want the offer.

iron cost 70-100gp ech
ill mine u mith ore for 600gp ech

Iron is as low as 50 each, and as high as 110 each. I know I’m not gonna get 110, but I can try for 100, since that’s how much I sell all my iron for.

i can most likely get you alot of gold for 300ea but you must buy in bars pm me

ive desided to go with just iron. so if ur not gonna sell iron im not gonna buy. srry bout that.

come to my network in my sig and place a good order