looking for a partner

k heres the deal im trying to automine and keep alittle of the iron ore so i got a plan. he it is k ill be qutomining and my partner will be runing to the bank and outing all the iron in the bank after 2 or 3 hours we will split the iron in my partners bank 75% goes to my partner and 25% goes to me so we both win. post if u want the job and plz dont be a newb and not split it with me

Its called powermining. Automining is against JAGeX’s rules, autoing is having a program do it for you.

way wen u power mine u mine and drop…

i know all that i just dont want to loss all the iron i drop so i mine it thin trade it to my partner thin he runs to the bank and puts it in the bank thin after 3 or 4 hours we split all the iron we have and i got 25% of ir and he gets the rest not programs nothin like that

hi i am a lvl 70 combat and 55 mining i can work with u add me in the game name is shakori