looking for a saradomin clan

I’m looking for a saradomin clan that:

  1. Doesn’t pk
  2. against zamorak and guthix and view them as inferiors
  3. supports saradomin

If not, then I will start one.

do you hve a clan. i hava sarie clan

problem is most clans pk…



Saradomins Angels will have a war when the armour sets have been prepared. Do not join and expect a war immedietely. If you have not done the Monkey Madness quest, and you’re in Saradomins Seraphs, you must use any other dragon weapon, or a better weapon than dragon.

(You can join the junior group, that doesnt PK…)

my sara clan will make your stats power up faster up quickly!!JOIN MY CLAN NOW\

i applied to your clan titanheart2. when do i find out if i qualify