Looking for Clan, meeting These requirements

The clan Must have, as follows:
[li]10+ Members already[/li][li]A Clan Bank[/li][li]Some kind of reward token for clan shop[/li][li]Clan shop[/li][li]Ranks (I.E. combat lvl 40=apprentice, 45=gaurd, ect.)[/li][li]A forum[/li][li]A site[/li][li]Occassional Event(not like every Easter, Like every friday)[/li][li]A designated leader[/li][li]Clan Graphics[/li][li]A Cape color, or design[/li][li]Can have PK trips, but dont expect me to be in them often[/ul]I Have, as follows:[/li][ul]

Hello i am the leader of the assassins of night clan we have around 48 (1 unregistered) members. Our highest level is 95. I’m level 95. Our average is about 75. We have a new forum so not every1 has regestered there. Our website is http://assassinsofnight.myfreeforum.org. we have many events including castle wars, tzhaar fight pits, f2p pk trips, we will do p2p when we get more people coming regurly, kbd, 'fun events, fundraisers, drop partys for some holidays, and you can host your own event just don’t overlap any other events pre plannedthat are posted. Requirements is level 40+ though some exceptions may vary. Lvl 30+ with a Referall. Our clan treasury hold 203k.


Ze Bloodz

These are just some i just started taking pics last events so only ones i have

~!~The Darkness Guild~!~

Instead of giving u some big annoying explanation, just go to our site
If ur interested, contact ramfan6050@msn.com