Looking for Graphic Designer

Hi Im Jinzo and Me and deadmeats r looking for a graphics designer for his new website leave a post ere or become a free member here



Im interested…Pm me details…

ok go to that website and become a member ok!

mouthgate become a member and were still looking cmon some ppl r good at it out there!

why does it have exactly the same forums layout as RsR?

By the way do you have to pay for making those forums or can you make one for free? If it is free do tell me the site where I can make one. Sorry about going off-topic though. :stuck_out_tongue:

:gangster: ~Raven

its not mine im head mod please join everyone! still looking for one!

pm me if u want. im good with psp9 and anishop4

Your site is an exact copy of RSR… Your elite group is basically HoL. Even the forum discription is the same for that group… Be original, don’t just copy RSR…