looking for high lvl ppl who wanna go kill the kbd

leave a post here if you go kill the kbd

dud eu rgunna need a lot of peeps at ur lvl

i only need like 4 lvl 79 or higher guys to kill it it only lvl 235 or somtin

i already been and killed the the lvl 333 kalphite queen 6 times(but there were like 14 ppl already there)

you fake drag looks real bad it not realistic at all

wow i like the dragon fake pic… dang you gonna kil kbd at ur lvll??
dang i would i could help but to low lvl and iam not a member…

the reason why i wanna go is to get a drag med helm from it

I could go if i have the time. Im trying to get drag med also.

Fire Giants and Black demons also drop dragon mediums.

Yeah i have ranged so many fire giants and got nothing at all. A couple of rune scimmis is the best i got from them.

while it is true that fire giants rarely drop really rare items…thats why there really rare…why do u think that drag sq cost 7-8 mill cus it is suck a freaking rare drop . i got to lvl 70 there and i started at lvl 42 thats a lot of fire giants…not a caatastrophic amount but still a fairly large amount…and scimmies are not the rarest thing that i have gottenihalf keys are i got 5 half keys in one trip thats 250k so it ismnt a lot but it is still 1/4 a mill

Oh yeah i got the loop half of the half key too, i forgot all about that.

EDIT: i got a question i know its not the right topic to ask it in but why isnt my sig showing up?

you need to go to yourr profile and click yes to always show your sig

also where are some fire giants besides the ones in wild and waterfall?

I dont know of any other places.