Looking for people to go on a pking trip!!

i am having a pking trip with lvl 40-90 players
if you are intrested come to north varrock
Place-north varrock
Time-2:00 (eastern time)
when- this friday (u.s.a)
World- 1 (this is for members and non-members)

and thank you for coming reply back so i know who is coming and when we kill someone we will split up what we get to the people who did most the work! :smiley: :smiley:

Ill do it if you make it lvl 60-90 and not world 1.

ok ill make it 60-90 and you tell me which world you want seem fair?

nm ill going to make it lvl 20- 90 so you’ll have to deal
P.S. sorry for double replying