Looking for Phoenix and Alias to rate this. Everybody else can too.

I’ll describe it. I used two c4d’s and also did some brushing in the background. I added a 3 px border and thats pretty much it. I didn’t add text because I was going to ask you where I should put it.


I used 1 c4d from deviant art and did no color brushing in the background.

Heh, I’m on your title. ^ ^

The signature is really awful, no offense. The render doesn’t fit, the C4D is bad, the background is bad, and lastly the border. I will say this - Do not use the C4D’s found on IPhotoshop. I can identify that this is a C4D from there and they have the worst C4D on earth. There was no effects placed on the render & the background. For a C4D to work, there must be something there to add on to it. C4D can’t stand alone with a render.

This piece is just bad, and please do not use a 3 pixel border…


Okay do you reccomend planet renders? I’m going to get one from there now.

no hes doesnt reccomen planet renders there even worse… um dude render should be same color almost like this sig
And at least blend render!

Krishna, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Planetrenders has some awesome renders. Yes, Dama 2, I meant planetrenders and/or some other sites. :slight_smile: Good luck.

Oh, and stop showing off your work. It isn’t even good. :drool:

im not showing off hmmph im just saying blend render cause he nos how
i should quit rsr soon cause everyone insaults me! :mad:

you just got pwned krishna…lol and yeah that isnt even blended very well

I’m not showing it off. I’m asking people what could be better. And I thought you were the best at it so I asked you.

krishnas is way better than damas…but thats still not very good :worried:

It’s my first c4d. Thanks for the tips Phoenix I’m updating it now. I actually found some stuff on deviant that I think is nice.

Uh huh. Don’t like the signatures, neither of them.

The second one is better, though.