looking for runescape clan

Im looking for a clan in runescape to join my stats are:
30 attck
32 hp
21 mining
12 smithing
4 fishing
20 cooking
24 firemaking
20 defence
23 prayer
9 magic
31 woodcutting
38 strength

just post a url for your clan site or forum for east access


You meet most of our requirements and i would certainly accept your application if you ever want to join the clan. The Skull Knight’s Clan is a very active clan, we frequently organise events and we have many unique features such as: an online auction room, games arcade, online radio station and even personal blogs for registered users!

For more information about the SKC be sure to visit: http://www.wizzonline.co.uk/skullknightsclanwebsite .

If you are wanting to ask any questions about the clan before registering or wish to register via our forums please visit: http://www.wizzonline.co.uk/skullknightsclanforum .

If you don’t meet the requirements for SKC thats not a problem anymore because we have introduced our junior clan called Warrior’s reborn. The requirements for this clan are MUCH lower and can be found at: http://www.wizzonline.co.uk/wreborn . Our junior clan was introduced on the 23rd of nov 2005, so its quite new and needs more members!!


The Runescape Armed Forces Would Like You To Enlist.

The Rebel Fighters are awaiting an application. You may join, or not. Its your choice to make, not mine.

URL: s13.invisionfree/rebel_fighters