looking for serious miners

if you can mine (or collect from noobs) me over 3k silver ores or 3k gold ores per week, I will pay 250 each!!!

(this means i woudl be paying you over 750k per week. If you get at least 4k, you’re getting over 1 mil a week)

i can currently only afford 5 of these kind of suppliers

so the first 5 who posts get the jobs

i get them 4 u m8 i sent u a pm

I can get them for you my. rs user name is Chuck Amuck

i can get them foru!(maby,ill try)(my best)

excellent. have the first order ready by next sunday (or sooner)
three people hired…2 to go

still need to fill two spots

edit: MODS, sorry about that. I forgot I was the last one to post when I just added this message… please delete my “double post”

ill do it name is chaos_guy271…add me

I’ll do it, 4 u, just add me 2 ur friends list, my name is sneak1230

just tell me how man ores u need ok…o yeah and o u need gold or sivler

keyser can i become one of your partners it looks like a cool job n im real dedicated to the cause!PLEASE! ragenfury

I understand that you need 3k gold ore. I can mine some gold ore because my mining level is level 59 (going up each day by 2) and I mine everyday. Give me a yes, and I’ll start my race to 3k.

EDIT: Apperantly, this job is too tough for my character. I will hopefully be able to mine for you when i have a stable account.

i am a 1 time seller if thats ok but how much would u pay for 5k silver ores?.. plz post and tell me…

Keyser, i gave you your topics for a reason, if your looking for perm buyers, post it in your topic, the original post thing, just edit it in

Sorry man, locked