Looking for top quality fishermen

Im looking for top quality fishermen who can supply me with raw food.
I will pay prices as follows :

Shrimp : 2ea
Anchovies : 7ea
Sardines : 7ea
Herring : 7ea
Makerel : 10ea (members)
Trout : 15ea
Cod : 15ea (members)
Pike : 20ea
Salmon : 20ea
Tuna : 70ea
Lobsters : 220ea
Bass : 150ea (members)
Swordfish : 200ea

I will be looking for permanent sellers of these raw foods to me so thank you for your time

Permanent employees :

i could provide with raw trout salmon and lobbys, but those prices are rediculous…

Tell me wat you think would be respectable prices and we’ll work from there.

ill be happy to fish lobbies or anything needed at a certain time. my lvl is 51 and is almost 52 . thanx

Thank you adictivebeer you first on the pay roll

raw salmon=90 ea
cooked=100 ea
raw lobbys=250-300 ea
cooked=250 ea

Currently i can get all of them…those are runescape forums prices and i might be able to work for lower prices…

Ok can u get me 500 raw lobsters @ 250 each please , ty

no sry i need cookin exp myself
ill get u as soon as next saturday

Ok no problem that will be fine:cool: