Looking for war

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to start war

gooooo ebbby lets own those noobs!

First of all whats your attack, strength, defence, and combat lvls

can i join 1 of ur clans im lev 65

I’m willing to join. My combat lvl is 50… Yea kidna sad. But I’m like an all around guy. I’m lvl 38 magery almsot 30 archery and my att is 43 my str is 38(I’m worken on it) and my def is 40.

going off topic here. im looking at the dates that the posts was posted and ebony’s and yayashoshosho or whatever his name is were posted april 7th and the 3 ones posted after that are like posted april 2nd

EDIT: ROFL i read it wrong lol it says march 7th. i seriously need glasses

Since you are looking for a war the Horizon Legion, AKA Mist Wraiths will war with you guys…

i think this clan has disbanded cuz the leader is with my clan

Dudes this is from march…don’t bring up old topics…

dude this is june, that was april.