looking what i got today!

sweet eh? combat lvl 77 =)

i got whip, and training my att now so i can use it. (i brought one and hoped i could use it if i potted up my att, but i cudnt, o well)

oops wrong forum, mod move me plz

how crap friggin nice!, ive never seen a lvl 77 with full drag and, as u say, a abby whip. u most be a awsome money maker

2 words:

discontinued items (or rares). the prices have almost doubled in last week, so i sold a load and got dragon

wow…uve been around for a while…how long have u been playing?

since december 04, but i do day basically everyday and waste to much of my life playing rs lol. once i got 70 att, im going to do sum serious smithing and fletching

Dude thats amazing, you must of had like some party hats and such.

77 With full drag…speechless really thats amazing yo

ya thats like what im going to do, when i hit lvl 90 im going to bring all my stats up to 50 that are under 50

I am bringing all but a few stats to 60 right now. But that is amazing. Just leavin’ me speechless.

sweet.I never saw a lvl 77 with full dra too

dude thats awsome
and ill have a lot of silver bars for you later

thats awesome and when i sold him some stuff a week or so ago he had a purple
phat so he might have sold that to get the dragon

You have to finish legends to wear a drag sq. And I think that that’s not you.


Attack 84
Defence 84
Strength 85
Hitpoints 84

double edit: and you’re f2p.

Daniel is right. And how could you have finished legends if your level 77? I don’t think it is real, but if it is congradulations.

hes way past 77 combat, and he’s f2p.

Look up Eek a mouse on highscores.

Don’t lie.

nice congratz

Lets see how he tries to work his way out of this one.

This is the lowest lvl ive seen in full drag. He is a merchant of santa hats and other rares.

that is pretty amazing

Your right, I just looked him up and he is f2p and above level 77. Eek-a-mouse don’t lie to become well known or become popluar. There are other ways.

wow i looked him up too he is a f2p and it is funny hwo everyone that tries to lie will get caught very quick