lost city = owned

also suggestions on what quests to do now and such?

Congratz! Do monkey madness and train your strength :wink:

Tree Gnome Village and Grand Tree. Also Monkey Madness if you can handle it :smiley:

u can also do the waterfall quest =) Good strenght experience there =P

i gave u most of the crafting materials =) and i sold u the food

yup thanks all

gratz man
keep on owning them quests

Congrats on passing it.
:open_mouth: Zanaris looks weird now…
sickmate 8)

thanks and was zanaris differnet before?

Yeah lol… it used to be green with brown walls and stuff.
sickmate 8)

Lol, I thought you meant you got owned when
I read the title of this topic.

^^^that woulda been embarrasing lol =P