lost city

whats the lowest u have seen do lost city im a lvl 64 with
52 att
57 str
47 def
am i able do do lost city

Im not sure if you should do it. Not saying you cant, but I’d rather do it with 60 attack and 100K saved in bank so I can get a dragon long.

But im impatient so nyeh!

i already go dragon dagger §
so u reckon i need 60 attack

Yup, 60 Attack for Dragon weapons. But go ahead and try it. Just buy a set of addy if you dont want to lose Rune.

well i did the quest when i was lvl 54 or so, i just used runes and hid behind some mushrooms, its realy simple if u do it that way.

You can’t bring armor on Entrana can you?

no u cant bring armour or weapons, tho u can bring runes and equipment to make weapons such as arrow heads and unfinished bows.

r u allowed staffs

My friend told me I could bring finished arrows, is that right?