Lost it all :(

lost all my items on rc’s pking trip… (of value), full rune, rune scimmy, rune kite, ammy of power… .

I guesS I have to start over.

Hmm even after that stuff i gave you for the sig…Anyway, try to get like 100k or something then merchant your eyes out :smiley:

200k is easy to make back…mine or something for it

if you can fish lobs (and your member) that would help you alot…

Pretty easy to make it back. Either run laws or something to make a quick 200k.

Easy for ya, had for meh :).

I’m F2P btw.

Mine some iron ore, coal or cut yews. Thats the best ways to make money on f2p I think…

find ur highest non combat skill and go crazy wit it!

ya you can easilally make 200k back with like a non-combat skill

Give me a break, you lost around 200k, big whoop!
You can earn that in an hour or two.

Plus, no pic no proof.