Lost Silverlight

I am on the quest Demon Slayer, and I died and lost Silverlight :guilty: . What do I do?

I’m pretty sure if you talk to Sir Prysin you can get one back for free or you can buy it back.

sir pryson or whatever his name is will give you a new one for 500gp or free i forgot which one.

i alched mine when i was a noob it said “Turn item in to gold” i thoght it meant gold! silverlight -.- buy another one sir …

go to the guy you got it from and pay him 200gps

You have to go to Sir pyrsin (or whats his name) to buy another one for 500 gp.

guys!its Sir Prysin…and dude its 500gp or he get mad at you:D

ok thanks…500 gp is a bit much anything cheaper?

Silverlights not very good anyway.

well, 500 gp is not hard to get, and they’re non tradeable, so or at that price, or beg that some guy has died and drop his

Jesus, you don’t need to answer him more than once, not 6 times especially

ok thanks…any other way…possibly less expensive than 500gp?

wtf!!!what lv r u?30?omg!!!500gp is chep!!!i have like 901k(901000gp)if you need it ill give it to u gosh poor dude

u lost ur silverlight huh? ur doomed now rofl…(worth the same as white phat :)Rofl.jk)
enyway…what the other guyz said

That deserves to be siggied…

Ok thats nuff :slight_smile: