Love Is In The Air~

[b]hi everyone! :slight_smile: …this topic allows you to tell about ur love life in RS :oops: . just tell me about ur gfs/bfs . or how did you met them in a different way :?: or how many gfs/bfs you have in RS name them all! :!: . did you have a romantic proposal? :twisted: . or u did somthing really smart to convinced her/him/them to be ur bf/gf :idea: . come on tell me! dont be shy juz to present ur lovelife. … thank you!

your rsr friend,
angeline000 a.k.a robin :wink: [/b]

Umm ok…no event like that happend to me.

nothing at all has like that

Ok… I’ll post my thoughts on online relationships:

I think having an online gf/bf is absolutely fricken down right stupid. Get a real one for crying out loud, for all you know the hot sexy 5foot 3 blond hair blue eyes 14 year old girl your chatting with is a bald, 43 year old loser who lives with his mom, HIS mom. :?

Im totally with you sithkiller, an online gf/bf is a waste of time, and shows how stupid you are.