~Love It or Hate it~

Well, I assume, you know I’m Jeff Yes. I know you probably have mixed feelings about me, but it doesn’t matter to me. I didn’t want to leave with an 8 paged thread in 2 days that was spam & flame. I’m sorry that had to happen, I changed my email on Jeff Yes and a password I do not know either. I am not officially leaving RsR. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. I do not plan on coming back either. I will still play Runescape and get on IRC chat. Here’s some shout outs, to people who’ve made my stay more enjoyable or fun (The list isn’t in an order, so don’t get offended if you’re on the bottom or anything) :

-Archas, I was compatible with you at the get go, you’re my RSC homie!

-Phrozen, You’ve helped me, and are an awesome friend.

-Pujols, where art thou Pujols? :frowning: I’ll miss you man, you were fun to talk to.

-Duke Atreide, without you, non of this would be possible, you’ve connected so many online friends and friends in real life, and you made a profit off this too. You’re one smart cookie ;).

-Icedearth, I’ve always liked you, you do your job, get crap, and handle it the right way.

-Sela, we were really great friends, but then some shit went wrong and :$… Well, I have a feeling, we’ll patch that up ;).

-Phoenix, you were funny and yea…

-Ebony, you were a friend, we made a clan, and you bought some laws off of me once :D.

-Jeffman, always chasing your dreams in RS, sometimes they scared me :O.

-Ogo, you’re my favorite homosexual :).

-L 3 G 4 C Y, a nice guy, and a nice pure too ;).

-Dodge (from IRC chat), yer foony :D. It, seems you’d be a good choice for a friend.

-TheDeathDealer, you were pretty nice to chat with, kept me company.

-Sportfreak, you were my favorite Sportfreak :). Watch out there’s a Sportfreak58 ingame >_>.

-Snuffles, you lil’ cutie, you and I had a rough start, but now, we’re kwl ;).

-Gymleader, you have crazy goals for RS, GL & have fun kid P;.

-Sickmate, you’re helpful and nice.

-XG-CX, you were a mod when I came her, then demodded, banned, so-on. I feel you’ve taken it maturely, though I do not know you personally.

That’s about it, if you’re not on the list, don’t feel bad, I can be forgetful of names :. I cannot tell you why I did it, different emotions, how people act on RsR, etc…

If you’re going to flame me, do it, I could careless. I just felt I needed to go out with a propper departure.

EDIT : LOL, I deleted some people. They were showing fake love ;).

Sigh…Kevin always gets second doesn’t he?

So long my friend, but we shall chat again at IRC.

You forgot. - “Ece- NOB” :smiley:

Sorry to see you’re leaving, I guess lies are the only way we can truly get to people.
But it shows those 8 pages were all the people that respected you.
Watch anyone else make a leaving thread, I bet none of 'em get 8 pages.
Do good in life, Ece.

I’m sorry but did I miss something I rember you just got your chain and where happy and your now quitting rsr I’m ganna re read your post to make sure I didn’t miss anything. If so I’ll still talk on runescape right? If you are sure it’s a sad day for me. Thanks For helping me start posting on rsr though.

:c Sad to see you go Jeffy, But ill still talk to you on irc :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to see you go Jeff. You were a great friend, but the “Yea…” annoys me. :tongue:

Jeff, you were a great friend and I will talk to you more on IRC Chats. :slight_smile: Have fun.

Well, sorry about the news. I’ll just believe you straight up, and sorry that it is happening to you.

-Kevin, you’re first, you just saw things, k?

-Thanks Ece

-I’ll turn those in Snuffy :wink:

-Phoenix, what can I say about you? No words are kwl enough P:

I would also like to Thank the sig makers, who’ve helped me looking beautiful, while I was here.

-AlPaca, you made my very first avatar, I still used it up until I quit :).

-Karama Green, you made my 2nd gift and one hell of a car sig before ;).

-Pujols, you made my first gift :p.

Sad to see you go. RSR isn’t worth our time.

I will keep in touch via MSN and RS. Wishing you all the best,

oo jeff I was worried you did something stupid after you posted that message because you didn’t responed, well how you doing?

Well Jeff, I hope you go far in future and I know you will.

Bye Jeff :hissyfit:
So sad to see another great RSRer leave…at least your still playing RS
I hope to talk to you on there.
Have a great life buddy:)

Any reasons as to why you’re quitting?

search Jeff yes and read his last post…

Seeya Jeff. I never really knew you personally, but you’re a great guy. Maybe seeya 'round IRC. ^ ^

I never really knew you, but you seemed cool all the same.

Have a good life :wink:

Guess there’s only one thing to say… <3 =p

Fine then, don’t mention me. After everything i’ve done for you… (thinks)! Jokes, Seeya mate!

Well sad to see you go, I get pleasure from scaring you…:slight_smile:

I’ll talk to you on MSN (haven’t seen you on in a while though) and RS though so I can’t say I’ll miss you…:wink:

we shall miss you jeff.