ok we’ll theres a pretty long story behind this(well i guess it isnt that long but…) i was talkin to my gf the other day and i told her i loved her, like i always do when i hang up, and she said prove it… so i thought to myself how can i prove to her that i love her…then it hit me, tell the whole world(or at least as much as i can) the next day i made a few phone calls to every radio station in my area and requested our song and told everyone listening that it was for the love of my life…well i figured theres people on RsR from all over the world so…Moriah(not sayin her last name :wink:) is the love of my life and i dont know what id do without her…well if you think this is stupid then dont post but if you have someone you love and want to let the world know it or want to make a nice comment on this then post away

I have a gf called charlotte not saying her last name and she loves me badly i just don,t know if she realy does once i got scared of her when we where 7 years old she says she will cut the persons penis of she falls in love with

OK…Thats the scariest thing ive ever heard… :x :? :?

ouch…how old are you now?

u say that again its so scary i might even chop my head off :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

ouch…how old are you now?[/quote]16 and a half

lol. I would stop the relationship right now! lol.

the penis thing is terrifying!!! :twisted:

im so happy for you. the girl i love doesnt love me but that’s life. congradulations. lots of ppl end up fat alone when they die and im glad youre not one of em cause i consider you a great friend…

There is no such thing as love. Atleast that what I think.

You are all fools. One day this will be your downfall.

hey guys thats when she was young u think shes realy ganna chop a penis off no way :lol:

Im telling you its pointless.

i gotta gf named hanna (im not telling the last name)

as i said, love is pointless.

this is so sweet :smiley:

Then why are you bothering to post here?

Believing that love is pointless is pointless. Just because you can’t get a girlfriend doesn’t mean love is pointless. Many people enjoy being in the company of a girl unlike some guys that like guys (disgusting).

Most of you have already heard of my gf, I still won’t say her name because she goes to this site and I don’t want her recieving messages because she is my gf. I love her with all my heart, I honestly don’t know what i would do without her. I seriousely don’t. If it wasn’t for her, I would have quit RS and RSR long ago. Seeing her everyday makes whatever terrible mood I am in back to a good mood. I love her so much, I don’t want her to experience what I recive as “hate mail”.

It’s ok to tell people my name :slight_smile:

When I talk to Ice my problems just go away. All my thoughts are just taken over…He helps me escape the heavy burden of bad things in my life (Suicidal friends, family problems,…) and he makes everything right. I, too, would of quit RuneScape years ago if we hadn’t met.

That’s deep stuff. Vampire, you got SERVED.

I can’t really comment much, since I don’t actually have a real gf, but I do know one girl who I get along pretty well with, and heck who knows? She’s funny and really makes my day.