low lev mages have addvantiage... till.....

i have thought and tryed out my idea, start a low lev mage, and only work on him for mage, get lev 13 mage, get mage robes, and staff and mage ammy, and all preparred to go in wild, get some trout, trout is best because u prob only have liek 13 health, and go pk, u can hit good for a mage at that lev, so jsut work on that guy as mage, then u can pk so many people in wild ur lev, that r rangers, or attackers, and they work on other things, so u step in and kill then, then when u reach about 20 mage, u need to start on next guy, because then people have a defence lev that can hold back some of ur mage hits, and u have no defnece, so thy kill u… and u need 13 mage fore fire strike

i tried this out a couple of times, and it works so great, i pked like i think around 12 per guy before i started dieing, u should try sometime

srry misspelled title

Good idea.

I found that aswell, although now im combat like 34 runes cost more and rangers start owning me…

Yep range owns!

try going to black warrior castle and grab some chaos there, just tele out if someone atts u. i got 200 chaos from there

I always kill ppl who are there.

i have a lvl 41 mage, but he has 50 mage and 21 def. He is alot higher then lvl 20 in mage and i have only died like 3 times. And i have gotn alot of rune kills. The higher the mage the better it is, because the better the lot. Dont stop onl lvl 20 mage, i advice u.

My mage uses deaths, and vig i doubt you got more than a scimmy, i have pked full helm and baxe with mine…

all good ideas but my mage pk has 35 magic and 1 in everything else except hp he is lvl 22 and can kill LVL 24 RANGERS and the highest hit i’ve ever gotten with him was a 14 hit :twisted:

I saw a lvl 24 mage doing dat fire thingy with mage

I have a noobie mage, hes like lvl 30 somethin and mage lvl 41, i havent been on it much now though since i got killed lol