low lvls on forums

i have noticed that many of the lower lvls have higher posts and stuff than the higher lvld people of runescape that use the runescaperealm forums anyway

i just thought that it was strange

That isn’t necessarily true, look at Tiefers (spelt right?) - He recently got 100 cb with like less than 100 posts. And Goku_Dinky has 80 strength (hmph) with like 50 posts.
And this is in the wrong forum…kind of…I think…

~ ewok

well i didnt know what forum to post it in and there is a few high lvls and yeah i know tiefer

but most the players on rsr are below 80-70

i would agree with that, but there are still quite a few higher lvled people…and there have been more joining over the past few months.

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