Lucky me! and a magic seed bid

I was wc’ing today( i have been for 3 days) and i finally got a nest. i had a couple already but only willo seeds. well i looked in this nest and i was astonished! i got a mage seed. then b4 the empty nest disapeared(bout 30 seconds later) another nest popped up and i got a palm seed. i thought it was my glory ammy at 1st then i realised i wasnt wearing it. LOL!!! i feel very very lucky.

im also going to have a bid for the mage seed. i mite not sell it depending on what everyone bids.

wow. thats awesome man

thsi guy traded me 4 nests for free cuz he didn’t kno what they were and when i told him, he got soooo pissed off :smiley:

I thought nests were untradeable?

I will never get a nest. Well, congrats on getting one.

well. not exactly traded i say traded . he just dropped on ground and i picked up

Even if he did drop them you wouldnt have been able to see them. May i ask what you are getting out of lieing?!

Okay thanks for the congratz but id n e 1 gonna bid?

ill bid 30k

liar liar pants on fire what r u getting out of lieing makeing yourself feel good until we find out sigh how pitiful

~icp~ :pirate:

are you guys that stupid. The nests would appear after 1 minute unless they are untradeable. Also velverevolver i didnt know you were on rsr. Its me j_lyle77 from the clan.

Lol rrgh I wish i got that! Then I’d plant it and cut magics! Or I’d just sell it. :smiley:


Did you even read the messages properly?!
If you had read it properly i said that they are untradeable. Get your facts straight before you go calling people stupid.

do they just pop out of the trees??

i dont get the concept of farming but i no u can make a hol mess of money with 27 thieving :smiley:

sweet good job