Lumbridge Swamp Caves

I’ve been thinking about going to the lumbridge swamp caves because i’ve heard you can get an ice staff from the giant frogs.
Can the lanterns kill you? If so, which ones do and which ones don’t?

I think some lanterns will explode and damage you, so yeah I guess they can kill you…but I don’t know what causes them to “go boom” so to speak.

you have to take breaks u cant be on for a while they will explode

If you use a light source that has an open flame, then it will explode after a while (it says you hit a pocket of gas). If you use an oil lantern or bullseye lantern then it wont explode (or at least it didnt for me). Just buy or make a lantern, you should be ok.
Oh! You should buy a soikey helm from a slayer master too, so you don’t get hurt by the hands that come out of the walls.

were we buy laterns?.. how much ar they?

how do i make a lantern? And this is sort of the same topic… Where must i go to fight rock slugs? or w/e? I cant find them so i havent been able to raise my slayer skill

what runes do u rekkon a ice staff would take credit for?

Lol i havent ben on in awhile whats an ice staff?

a mod posted something about the ice staff being fake. i personnally think its fake too because itd make water spells as easy as air spells. the ice staff “supposedly” takes place of air and water runes
hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you.

ive seen them, they r so cool!

To make a bullseye lantern, you need 49 smithing, 49 woodcutting, and 49 crafting. Take a steel bar and smith it into a bullseye lantern. Then get molten glass and make a lens. Use the lens with the lantern. Then get swamp tar and and go to rimmington. There is a chemist who will let you fill your lantern with oil. Then use a tinderbox with lantern and there ya go.