Lutenist Small Sale

Rune 2Hander…50k ?

885 Cooked Lobbies…200K All.

Shade Robe Top…

875 Cosmic Runes…

50 Raw Sharks…Either will trade for cooked ones or 600-800ea.

50 Soul Runes…

3 Cosmic and 2 Chaos Talisman…

155 Yew Logs…35-40k

Thats about it, all of it is for sale of course, not a lot, just extra stuff I really don’t need, but I need to sell.

Money offers only please.

How much for the Shade Rob Top? And how much is a cosmic talisman worth because I recently got one?

U got any chaos runes?

No idea on tally. I think its pretty cheap. Shade Robe Top offer.

DRK - no sorry.

if somene is deperate for a cosmic tally they might pay u p to 30k, but i woud say 15k

how much for each cosmic

rsname xfourx

i buy rune 2h 4 45k gandalf 2019