lv 2 clue scrolls

i’m lv. 52 and trying to get a lv 2 clue scroll, what is the best thing to kill to get one?

I suggest that you kill guards they are the lowest for the level 2 clue scrolls.

Also, try using one of those ring of wealths… I lost mine fighting fire giants, but it did help me get 4 rune scimitars. (You can’t tell whether it helps or not, but it sure looks pretty neat :P)
If you are looking for more xp while looking for clue scrolls, theres man level 24 at Canafis, tribesman on karamja level 32, jogre level 53, paladin level 62, level 57 ice warriors, and 72 vampires.
Best bet be guards or man. Low levels + lots of them.

I got a lv 2 clue scroll and it’s one of the coordinate location clues, I already got the sextant but can’t find the watch, can some1 please tell me where to find it?

I got a lvl 2 clue scroll fighting an Argdoune Guard.

guards drop clues very often

Ring of wealth doesent help getting clues, it makes it harder to get clues, but easier to get items, since a clue is much like a mask (it sells for 5gp in shop) they are considered crap and not a good item, so a ring of wealth wont help,

I got a clue wile i was posting this by the way (i love hellhounds)

you get the watch from the guy in the clock tower near ardougne

Rings of Wealth “increases chances” of getting rare items. Its really unknown of its effects though. You can’t really see what happens :slight_smile: I got a dragon med helm without ring of wealth.
Guards at varrock are good… guards in Ardougne market place is pretty good.

[b]i really dont go for lvl 2 clues. i go for the lvl 3’s, in wich
i kill hell hounds for it. wich they are pretty easy to kill. especially
because i [u]range them


the first 2 clues i had were lvl 3 but i got from greters easy 2 get…on my 4th kill got a clue…then a lvl 102 atked and killed me wen i accidently had skul…i prayed 2 secs b4 i died…kept my rune pl8 lost the legs…still dont hav my 3rd pair now lol…then i went again had no skull got it and i was not expecting a lvl 108 sara wizard 2 atk me…i died…kept 1 lobie watch and rune scimmy…so then i decided 2 get 3 of each; chart watch and sextant…i say it was a good idea…then i killed a few guards then got it…the only reason i get them fast is cuz i dont want them then…but wen i want them i never get them…so nvm bout clues and u get them!!!..btw i didnt hav a ring of wealth…sum1 was goin 2 giv me 1 free but i refused now i kno i shuda takin it…

I never try try to get lvl 2 clue scrolls, i go for lvl 3 ones at the blue drags.

Guards are good for getting them though. I killed one and got a clue and it took me under 1/2 hour to finish. I got a zammy page from it.

The clues from guards lvl 28 have always given me better stuff then jogre clues. Kill guards lvl 44 for a rare chance at 2 pages in 1 clue. I got 2 pgs and a tinted addy skirt that I give to my friend since I’m not a girl… on mondays jk.


Ring of wealth doesn’t increase Clue Scrolls.